There is one more nice week with our great upgrade of extensions. We've tried to make the plugin more and more powerful and flexible to use, so follow up our updates to get full of Meta Box's power. Now, let's see what we did last week!

We took actions on 5 premium extensions that are MB Frontend Submission, Meta Box Geolocation, MB User Profile, Meta Box Tabs, and MB Builder.

On top of that, all developers who own our Developer Bundle or Lifetime Bundle will able to pay attention to the big change of MB User Profile.


Someone has told us that it was quite inconvenient when we fixed the labels of MB User Profile in the frontend. Had you met that awkwardness? If not, you will have no chance to be in that situation anymore.

We did add a lot of options for shortcode in MB User Profile last week. Therefore, you can customize the form of the user profile as you want. It's now extremely easier than before.

Please see the documentation for details.

Previous version:

unable to edit custom fields name before update Meta Box User profile
Labels name are fixed before updating

After update:

able to edit custom fields name after update Meta Box User profile
You can change names of labels after this update


The user formerly could not pick any color in the color field when you set alpha_channel is true. It's no longer to be that. They, your users, can pick any color now whatever value you set for alpha_channel.


Instead of autocompleting 1 set of address only, now you can do it with couples of such sets.

If your website needs to indicate addresses of a chain of showrooms, you certainly need this improvement of our Geolocation extension. It does not save your time, but also reduce the typing mistakes.


All groups of custom fields are displayed well on mobile now. The small screen cannot be your barrier anymore.

Custom Fields are displayed well on mobile
Custom Fields are displayed well on mobile


The issue that fields, which are set buy Meta Box Builder, are not displayed in setting page is fixed.

An extension does not work well with another, as Meta Box Builder with MB Setting Page case as reported in last week? Don't be anxious about kinds of such issue. Just inform us, then it will be fixed promptly.

Fortunately, Meta Box has great friends in its community who are always willing to report any kind of issue. That is a big support for us. Thank you, all guys (and girls)!

Now, let's enjoy the tools!

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