The Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) is spreading all over the world. It affects all of us and our businesses. Your company might switch to work from home, and your sales might decrease. In this hard time, many companies are showing their generosity. They offer their products and services for free or at huge discounts to help people to get through this time.

This blog post lists some resources that we've collected in the past few days. We hope they will be useful for you and help your businesses a little bit. Stay safe!


Jira & Confluence from Atlassian

Free Jira and Confluence from Atlassian

Atlassian is offering Jira and Confluence free for teams ≤ 10 members! Jira is the top app for agile (software) development and Confluence is best for managing documents. Atlassian is the company behind Bitbucket, and they also acquired Trello. They also giving away many products for small teams.

In addition, they're also offering one year subscription for Trello business class for educators.

Get them here

12 months free hosting from SiteGround

Free 12 months shared hosting from SiteGround

If you're helping friends, clients, community during this COVID-19 time, then SiteGround is offering 12 months of free shared hosting for you. This deal is available until March 31.

Contact them on Twitter

Free Enterprise Features for Hangouts from Google

Google Hangouts free Enterprise features

Google opens the advanced features of Hangouts Meet for video conference for all G Suite users. Now you can make video calls with up to 250 participants and live streaming up to 100K users.

This is extremely useful if your team is working from home (for meetings or discussion). Or you need a platform to do online teaching in this period of time. These features are available until July 1. If you're using G Suite, go to Admin Console to enable these features.

6 months free for Microsoft Teams

6 months free for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft are offering a free 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial, including Microsoft Teams. Teams is a solution for communication online, including chat and video calling. This offer is intended for customers managed by a Microsoft account manager. It’s for organizations who haven’t activated any other Office 365 E1 trials in the past.

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Amazon Chime Pro

Free Amazon Chime video call

Amazon Chime is another tool for video calling which can host up to 100 participants. It supports scheduling, recording and adding assistant. Previously, it was $3/day. But it's now free from March 04 to June 30.

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Unlimited recording from Loom

Unlimited videos from Loom

Loom is a fantastic app that allows you to record short videos to demonstrates steps to users, give guidance to members or explain things to teammates. Through July 1, 2020, Loom will

  • Remove the recording limit on their free plan (was 25 videos/month, now is unlimited)
  • Cut the price of the Pro plan in half (now $5/month)
  • Extend all trials of the Pro plan from 14 to 30 days.

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WooCommerce Product Table from Barn2 Media

Barn2 Media offering WooCommerce Product Table plugin

If your business or organization needs help selling online during the COVID-19 crisis, or you’re actively helping with the pandemic – e.g. distributing food or medical supplies – then Barn2 Media is offering their WooCommerce Product Table for free or extend your license to help you set up as fast as possible. This plugin helps you display WooCommerce products in a table, for faster shopping and check out. This deal is available for 4 months until 31st July.

Get it now


WordPress for beginner from Phil Ebiner

Free WordPress course for beginners

This course is designed for beginners who want to create their own WordPress websites but have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter). In this course, everything from hosting to installing a theme, then actually building your first pages can be learned in the first few lessons. This deal is available until 21 Mar.

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Phil also giving away many courses for video production, photography, business & marketing. Check them all.

All-around SEO training from Yoast

Free SEO course from Yoast

This course is from Yoast, the company behind the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. In this course, you'll learn how to do SEO yourself in almost all aspects of SEO, including targeting keywords and writing content, technical SEO foundation, optimizing websites for security and speed.

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Blogging for business from Ahrefs

blogging for business free from Ahrefs

Ahrefs (a popular tool for tracking backlinks) is offering their course for blogging for free. Learn how to grow your blog past 100K monthly visitors and turn thousands of your readers into paying customers.

Get it here

SEO courses from Moz

Free SEO courses from MOZ

Moz is probably the most famous company in the SEO territory. They're now offering all of their SEO courses for free. They include all SEO fundamentals, keyword research, local SEO, technical SEO, etc. You need to use this coupon when signing up: wegotthis

Get it here

Free Work

Jeseph Meyers

Jeseph is offering WordPress/Squarespace/Shopify/PHP/HTML/CSS work for free (small projects, significant discount for large projects) to any small business through the end of April, no strings attached. Contact him via Twitter or email him at [email protected]


The list below are products that offer discounts in this COVID-19 period of time. They're not 100% free, but discounts are still a big help for all of us (if we need them).

  • Elegant Modules (modules for page builder plugins) if offering 60% discount for all of their products. Coupon: HELPING2020
  • Gnosys Digital is offering 50% discount across all their WordPress Services. Coupon: F5M2RCQQ
  • RoughPixels (WordPress themes) is offering 50% discount for any purchase. Coupon: RP50
  • TD Web Services (managed WordPress hosting) is offering 70% recurring discount. Coupon: GIVING2020
  • WPMobile App is offering 70% discount with coupon: STAYSAFE
  • Puri (WooCommerce plugins) is offering 30% discount for their plugins. Coupon: HUMANITY-2020
  • Affinity (a graphic app, similar to Adobe suite) is offering 90 days trial of their suite, and a discount of 50% if you decide to buy after that trial.

If you find the resources are helpful, please share it with other people. And if you know any company that offering products or services for free or discounts, please let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Free resources for WordPress users during COVID-19

  1. Thanks for sharing such a great list of resources trying to help during these trying times.

    My company also posted offering to help any small business that needs additional help. From getting setup to run online to hosting and maintenance for WordPress based websites.

    My original post/offerings can be found on Facebook:

    Stay safe everyone!

  2. Here are two amazing offers by companies:

    Vincit California - Free Digitalization & Ecommerce Roadmap
    Struggling small businesses can apply and receive a customized ecommerce strategy, design & technical advice and free 1 on 1’s with ecommerce developers
    Apply here:

    Sparkhouse - Free Promotional Video
    Free promotional videos for small shops to get important information out to their community and how people can currently access their valuable products & services.

    Apply here:

    These services are something that struggling businesses would really benefit from and I know these companies are looking to help as many peoples as possible.

    Think they’d be great to add to your COVID-19 resources list.

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