The popularity of React has been continuously growing since Facebook first launched the React library in 2013. It is a JavaScript framework technology which is used for developing user-interfaces-the best example is Facebook. Besides, Facebook many other top companies are using React to provide their customers with a better user experience. These companies include Walmart, Airbnb, DropBox, PayPal, Netflix, etc.

Best Free Resources for Learning React
Best Free Resources for Learning React

And in the WordPress community, WordPress started to use React in the Gutenberg project. It's a big step forward of the platform to encourage WordPress developers to learn JavaScript deeply.

React library was launched with an aim to ease the pain of complex JavaScript ecosystem. It simplifies the process of web coding and lets developers build easy and interactive UIs. Today, react is a well-known technology used by countless developers across the globe.

If you want to attain proficiency in React, here we the top free resources for learning React. Please note that the resources here are for React only. Other resources for Redux, React Router and other libraries are not included.

Official React Tutorial: Intro to React

Tutorial: Intro to React
Tutorial: Intro to React

The Official React Tutorial is an easy to read documentation that covers a complete tutorial on React. However, it is worth mentioning here that the tutorial does not teach about development tools like Babel and Webpack.

So if you have an excellent technical background then only you can find this tutorial helpful.

Apart from React, it teaches JSX as well, an extension for JavaScript.

The tutorial is available with examples, but you will have to run a server on your desktop to use them. If you haven’t done it before, we will recommend you to pick some other simple tutorials to learn React.

Start Learning React

Start Learning React
Start Learning React

Egghead is a popular platform that offers courses and lessons on various web development topics such as React, JavaScript, TypeScript, RXJS, etc. You will be surprised to know React is 3rd largest topic available on Egghead.

React is a "javascript library for building user interfaces" from the fine folks at Facebook & Instagram. It strictly focuses on the "V" in your MVC applications, and touts a blazing fast virtual DOM diff implementation.

This series will explore the basic fundamentals of React to get you started.

The Beginner's Guide to React

Beginner's Guide To React
The Beginner's Guide To React

This course is for React newbies and those looking to get a better understanding of React fundamentals. With a focus on React fundamentals, you'll come out of this course knowing what problems React can solve for you and how it goes about solving those problems. You will have a good grasp on what JSX is and how it translates to regular JavaScript function calls and objects.

Each lesson in this course is just a single index.html file which will help you keep your focus on learning React and not distracted by all the tools that make production applications work. The course wraps up with a lesson on how to move from these index.html files to a more production ready development environment and even how to deploy your app to a great service like Netlify.

The Road to learn React

The road to learn React
The road to learn React

A lot of roadmaps exist on how to master React. This book uses the common sense of these roads and weaves it into the implementation of an app. You will build an own React app. On the road you will learn ES6, React with all its basics and advanced concepts and internal state management.

React Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to learning React.js in 2018

React Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to learning React.js in 2018
React Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to learning React.js in 2018

It is quite a long tutorial, which can take several hours but seems an excellent resource for people looking a non-interactive tutorial. You can understand different concepts of React by merely reading about them.

JS Tutorials

Playlist: React JS Tutorials

Perhaps, React JS Tutorials is one of the best React tutorials series available on YouTube. This tutorial series has been presented by These videos have easy to understand even novice can quickly learn basic fundamental concepts of React easily.

Some of the topics covered by this tutorial are:

  • An introduction to Javascript.
  • Reactjs components & Rendering.
  • Composing multiple Reactjs components.

Free Online React Bootcamp

Playlist: Live React Bootcamp

Free video series for React beginners that walks you through a 4-days of React's fundamentals. It also includes useful tutorials and code snippets.

Crash Course 2018

React Tutorial for Beginners [React js]

Another Youtube video that shows you the fundamentals of React.

App with React - Live Coding Series

Playlist: Build App with React - Live Coding Series

This series shows you how to create an app in React. You'll join a live coding session with the instructor. With 19 videos, you'll see every aspect of a React app.

Learn React and Redux With Cabin


Learn React & Redux With Cabin
Learn React & Redux With Cabin

Though Redux isn’t part of the core React framework, they’re so often used together that you really should learn it. And even if you eventually move away from Redux, you can take the concepts with you and apply them to whatever you end up using in its stead.

Cabin is a 10-part tutorial series that will teach you how to build a feature-rich, scalable social network app using React and Redux: installing Node/React/Webpack, understanding how React works, incorporating Redux, dealing with social network features like feeds and notifications, processing images and filters like Instagram, and more.

The last part is an overview of “best practices” that not only teaches you the most effective way to use and organize React/Redux, but also common mistakes to avoid, how to design a scalable app, and how to use third-party tools to ease your development workflow.

Hacking with React

Hacking with React
Hacking with React

Hacking with React is a free eBook that covers basic React concepts, including JSX, props, and components. However, if you need its mobile version, PDF or EPUB you will have to spend $10.

This react course is a perfect resource for those who don’t like video tutorials much. Whether you are looking for basic topics like JSX, Props, Components or intermediate topics like routing, linting, states, etc. you get everything under the same roof.

Although you will not become react expert after reading this course, yet you will be more confident and comfortable using React after walking through this tutorial.

React In Patterns

React In Patterns
React In Patterns

A book about common design patterns used while developing with React. It includes techniques for composition, data flow, dependency management and more.

This cookbook is targeting developers that already have a basic understanding of what React is and how it works. It's not meant to be used as a complete how-to guide but as an introduction to popular concepts/design patterns. Paradigms that more or less are introduced by the community. It points you to an abstract thinking. For example, instead of talking about Flux, it talks about data flow. Instead of talking about higher-order components it talks about composition.

React Redux Links

Curated tutorial and resource links for React, Redux, ES6, and more. They're meant to be a collection of high-quality articles and resources for someone who wants to learn about the React-Redux ecosystem, as well as a source for quality information on advanced topics and techniques. Not quite "awesome", but hopefully useful as a starting point for others.

Wrapping up

If you want to boost up your React knowledge and become a professional developer, you will find these resources helpful. Hopefully, these resources will assist you to understand and get started with React in a better way.  If we have missed any of your favorite and useful resource let us know in the following comment section, we will surely add in to the list.

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