Embeding the meta boxes in the frontend is a frequent question from our users. And today, we're happy to release a new extension to resolve this problem - MB Frontend Submission. This extension not only allows you to put meta box form in the frontend, but also handle the post submission as well. So you can use it as a true solution for user-submitted content.

With MB Frontend Submission extension, creating post from the frontend with a complex form of custom fields now easy. Here is a demo of submitting a property on a listing website:

Add a property form

The extension can handle post fields (title, content, thumbnail, etc.), tailor your form (contact form, review form, ...) as well as most Meta Box field types. It provides a shortcode that you can show the form everywhere on your website - in the page content, widget or in template file.

For more info about the extension, please check its page.

If you have Developer Bundle license, you can download the extension in your account page and start using it now. If you just have the Core Bundle license, you can upgrade to the Developer Bundle license to have access to this extension and other future extension.

This is the first release and there might be more improvements need to be done to satisfy your needs. If you have any suggestion, please let us know via the Contact page.

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