One of the most valuable feedback from our survey is to make it easier to get started with the plugin. While we put a lot of effort to improve our documentation (live search and many tutorials), beginners still have some difficulty using the powerful plugin. That's why we create Online Generator tool.

meta box online generator

The Online Generator tool helps you to create meta boxes and custom fields with user-friendly interface, just by drag and drop fields and enter the details. No custom coding anymore! It automatically generates the PHP code for you. And all you need to do is just copy the code and paste it into your theme's functions.php file or your plugin's file.

This tool is similar to Meta Box Builder but limited for Meta Box plugin only. Meta Box Builder has some improvements to work with other extensions and as it's a WordPress plugin installed on your website, you don't need to copy and paste the code anymore.

We hope the Online Generator helps you save time building custom meta boxes and custom fields. Here is the documentation for using this tool.

If you see any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know via the Contact form.

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