Today we're happy to introduction to the new version of Meta Box Builder which has massive improvements, tons of new features. We can't wait for your feedback and of course, let's go through the detail of this update:

Supports Group

Group is one of the most downloaded extensions of Meta Box, so we have no reason for not support it. In this version, to add group, simply go to 'Specials' pane and click Group. To add fields to group, simply drag your fields nested under your groups.

Supports Tab

Add tab, select icon and put label, drag the field under the tab. Simply huh?

Supports Conditional Logic

What makes our conditional logic plugin different than others? It can works with any fields you see in the Post editing page (and hidden fields also). And now, Builder works seamless with it.

Support Custom Attributes for meta boxes

In older versions, you can add custom attributes for fields, and in this version, this feature works with meta boxes.

Totally rewrite fields template and 60% of code base

Faster, more beautiful, and easier to extends.

Only allows Administrators to manage Meta Boxes

For more security, in this version we restrict user access and allows Administrators only.

Increase size of field editor

In Meta Box Builder 1, the UI was inspired by WordPress Menu manager, the field editor size is equal to Menu editor size. There are not enough room for your creativity so we increase the size to give you better user experience.

Use Select2 for selecting Post Types

Select2 is a great plugin for create cleaner, better UI, so we implement it in this version for selecting Post Type, there are some other fields need to update UI to select2 and we're still in progress to do it.

Under the hood

  • CSS Tweak for editor window
  • Add placeholder for Post field
  • On Map field, change address_field from Textarea to Text
  • Use angular-ui sortable bridge instead of current jquery-ui sortable
  • Use tg-dynamic-directive to create nested fields

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