Several improvements have been added to our extensions in the last few days: Meta Box Builder, Meta Box Group, Meta Box Conditional Logic and Meta Box for Yoast SEO. If you don't have the latest versions, please update now. Now let's see what's new!

Meta Box Builder

The builder for custom fields is getting better and better. In the version 2.8.1, there are new field types and features:

If you have any idea that can improves the builder or make it better, please just let us know. We always listen to you and will try our best to code that.

Last but not least about the builder, switching between tabs Fields and Settings no longer requires re-loading the page. We think it will make you feel more comfortable while creating the custom fields and adjust the settings at the same time. The Code tab still requires reloading the page as you have to save the fields before getting the code.

Here is a short video demonstrate these new features:

Meta Box Group

In the latest version 1.2.15, the one (and important) improvement is the placement of the "remove clone" button in a cloneable collapsible groups. It was reported that the previous position of the remove clone button is too close to the collapse/expand button. And that can cause the users to make the wrong click, especially with customers who have not very "skilled" with their mouse.

Let's take a look at the screenshot below:

custom fields plugin wordpress
The remove clone and collapse/expand buttons are too close, which can cause an unexpected behavior

The risk of clicking "remove" instead of "collapse" is way too high. To resolve this problem, we have made 2 improvements:

  • The remove clone button is now placed next to the group title, and only appears when hover the group title.
  • There's a confirmation popup when users click on the remove clone button.

Here is how it is now:

wordpress custom fields
Remove link is placed next to the group title and is displayed only when hover over the group title bar

Meta Box Conditional Logic

The version 1.5.6 of the Meta Box Conditional Logic has just a small fix for the case to show/hide a meta box based on a value of a field. It was reported in the support forum and is fixed in the next day. So if you have any issues with the extensions, just ask us in the forum or in the Facebook Group, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Meta Box for Yoast SEO

The version 1.3.4 makes the extension works for text and textarea fields in groups. It supports clone feature, both for the fields themselves and for the groups. So you can have a clonable text field in a clonable group. All works just fine.

The plugin also got a first contribution from Jacob Smith. Thanks a lot for your contribution, Jacob!

That's all for this week. If you have not updated the extensions, please do now!

And don't forget that we have a group on Facebook, join us and ask / help others!

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