Today is our happiest day from the beginning of 2020. It’s so joyful and proud of us to know that Meta Box’s active installs reached 500.000+ today, counted by

Meta Box get 500000+ installation

500.000+ active installs are the dream number of any plugin author. We still remember how we were so happy last year to get 400.000+ active installs and looking for the increase. Traditionally, 100.000 is the average number of growing active installs per year. But this time, we welcome this number earlier. So, we think that the party this year will be bigger than last year, and our thanks to the Meta Box Users community should be more grateful.

We sincerely thank our users for trusting our product and always contributing to the improvement and development of Meta Box. Thank you that you are always by our side, and thank those who are together with us from the dawn of Meta Box and those who have just started the journey.

Meta Box get 500000+ installation

It’s undeniable that together with the success of Meta Box is the development and growth of the projects and businesses. Therefore, it’s our privilege to be one of your companions during your work.

Honestly, we really wish you success and prosperity. And we promise to stand by you no matter how hard life is as well as improve our plugin to be more helpful for you.

Here we already reviewed our work in 2019 and make a plan for this year. If you have any comment, contribution or suggestion, it’d be our honor.

Finally, we are optimistic about your future and our future. In 2020, we believe that the active installation will not only be 600.000+ but more than that because we trust that the number of growing projects will be greater. We know that your success is our success, and your happiness is our happiness.

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