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What is Design Patterns

What is Design Patterns?

In software development, wherever you work, whatever language you are programming in or whatever you’re building, CHANGE is the friend that will be with you always.

With inexperienced developers, they tried to write code that helps their software adapts to these changes temporarily without bothering about the reusable, extendable and maintainable ability of it should the next probable changes occur. This manner of approach leads to their having to spend a lot more time on the maintenance phase. If worst comes to worst, they will have to rebuild the software project they are handling on completely from the beginning. That’s the reason why Design Patterns was born to save the world.

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Meta Box 2016 year in review

The New Year is here and we wish you health, success, and fun! 2016 is a great year for Meta Box when it reached 200.000 active installs (counted by WordPress.org), excluding users who are using Meta Box as a included module in themes. That is a double from the last year! And we want to say thank you to you all to support us and help us make the software a better tool for both developers and users.

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How to Display Product Variations - P1 - Using Meta Box and Gutenberg

How to Display Product Variations - P1 - Using Meta Box and Gutenberg

In eCommerce, we usually see a product that has a bunch of different variations. For example, a T-shirt may have different colors along with different information such as size and price, then each one will be a variation.

Today, we are going to display them all in a clever way on the single product page. Whenever you click on a color button, all the corresponding information of that variation will be displayed, even in the image gallery.

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