MB Testimonials is a WordPress plugin that helps you add testimonials to your website easily. You can show it in a grid or slider and choose from 7 built-in nice looking templates or customize the template if you want.

MB Testimonials
A Testimonials Grid

With MB Testimonials, you're able to add content, author images/positions, subjects, star ratings and also review links. This is the screenshot of how the edit screen looks like:

A testimonial content
Testimonial content

You can choose one of the seven built-in templates, or customize the template with HTML/CSS using our tags easily. This way, you have full control of how to show the testimonials on the website.

Customize testimonial template
Customize testimonial template

You also have a thoughtful set of styling options (remember you still have full control of the CSS in the template):

Testimonials styling options
Testimonials styling options

MB Testimonials is built on top of Meta Box and its extensions, and it's available for the Lifetime Bundle only.

In order to use this plugin, you need Meta Box installed and activated. The necessary extensions are already bundled in the plugin, so you don't need to install and activate them separately. The extensions used in this plugin:

You can use it with other extensions without any problem.