A week ago, we published the Online Generator for all people to help them creating custom fields and meta boxes faster. Today, we introduce an improvement of that tool for premium users - saving end editing generated meta boxes!

Premium users now are able to not only create meta boxes but also save them for future reference. So they can go back to the page later, copy the code or edit the meta boxes. There are no limits of number of meta boxes created.

If you're a premium user, you will see 2 new buttons on the generator page: one for saving the meta box and one for viewing created meta boxes.

2 new buttons for premium users
2 new buttons for premium users

After clicking Save button, your generated meta box is saved and shown in My Account page as below:

Your meta boxes
Your meta boxes

There you can edit the meta box, copy the PHP code or remove it.

We hope this improvement saves you some time working with the tool.

And if you're not a premium user yet, join us now!

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