We're happy to announce that all Meta Box extensions are now working nicely with SearchWP plugin, thanks to the SearchWP - Meta Box integration plugin. The extension is created and maintained officially by Jonathan Christopher, the author of SearchWP.

If you are not familiar to SearchWP, then it's a plugin that improves the default WordPress search functionality. With that plugin, you can search not only by post title and post content (which are the default) but also inside shortcode content, PDF file, custom fields, and more.

It uses its own algorithm that works with plain text values and serialized values. That's great because a lot of data saved in the post meta are arrays, and they're serialized before saving into the database as text.

Developers also can define the weight for each searching criteria. In short, SearchWP lets you find any content in the database without writing any line of code.

The integration with Meta Box allows you to search by custom fields created by Meta Box. It works with all the field types, including groups.

See the below screenshot to see how it works with Meta Box fields:

how SearchWP works with Meta Box fields - search by custom fields in WordPress
Select Meta Box custom fields for searching

The interesting thing is that it works with MB Custom Table as well, allowing you to search values in custom tables.

How SearchWP works with Meta Box - search by custom fields in custom tables
SearchWP also works with custom fields in custom tables

All Meta Box fields and all custom tables are grouped in the dropdown for easier finding. The UI is very friendly and straight-forward.

This is the very first version. Jon will regularly update the extension to make it better and easier to use.

Download SearchWP - Meta Box Integration Extension

The extension has its official page where you can find out more information about it.

To download the extension, you need to purchase a license of SearchWP. And then, download the extension from your account page.

With SearchWP - Meta Box Integration extension, you can implement a powerful search engine on your website. It's super powerful and useful if you have a classified website or an e-commerce website.

Note that if your website is not much complicated, SearchWP might be not the right choice. Follow our guide to make your own queries to get the right posts by custom fields.

If you needs something more, like filtering the posts by custom fields, then you might want to try FacetWP and Meta Box - FacetWP Integrator.

Find our more integration between Meta Box and other WordPress plugins on our extensions page.

Enjoy it!

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