Gutenberg and the Future of Meta Box

In the State of the Word 2016, Matt Mullenweg said that one of three main focuses of WordPress in the next year will be the editor, which will be block-based and unify widgets, interface for shortcodes. The result is the new the Gutenberg editor, which was first introduced to the public at WordCamp Europe 2017. However, it raises many concerns with the existing meta box API. In this post, we'll take a deep look at those problems and the future of the Meta Box plugin (and similar plugins/frameworks).

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How to Disable Gutenberg and Use the WordPress Classic Editor

Gutenberg is the name of the project to create a new editor experience for WordPress. The goal is to create a new post and page editing experience that makes it easy for anyone to create rich post layouts. It's planned to be merged into WordPress core in the version 5.0. Gutenberg will changes the way you create content a lot. You'll be able to add complex elements to the post content via blocks. They can be images with overlay text or a list of items with thumbnails.

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Meta Box and Gutenberg Compatibility

Meta Box is Now Compatible with Gutenberg

It's almost a year since Gutenberg was born. There was a lot of concerns about this editor, especially the compatibility with meta boxes. We have an in-depth article on this topic half a year ago. Since then, Gutenberg has significant changes and in this article, we want to update the compatibility between Meta Box and Gutenberg so that users are safe using Meta Box in the future.

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An Update on WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg and Meta Box

An Update on WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg and Meta Box

As you might know, WordPress 5.0 with new block editor - Gutenberg - will be released tomorrow. It's just one day before WordCamp US, where Matt will announce the "State of the Word" 2018. It's also just a few days before the Christmas holiday. So, we do not recommend you to upgrade your production sites at this time. In this post, let's see the current state of Gutenberg and its compatibility with Meta Box.

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Build Gutenberg Blocks Visually With Meta Box Builder

Build Gutenberg Blocks Visually With Meta Box Builder

Last week, we introduced MB Blocks, a plugin that allows you to create Gutenberg blocks with just PHP. Today, we're happy to announce that you can now build Gutenberg blocks visually with Meta Box Builder. That means you don't have to write any single line of PHP code. Everything can be done with the Meta Box Builder UI.

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Top Plugins for Gutenberg in 2021 - the most comprehensive review

Top 7 Plugins for Gutenberg [2021]

As you may all know, Gutenberg is now not just a WordPress editor. Recently, WordPress has the ambition of making Gutenberg also a page builder, a useful tool to build up a WordPress website. Following this tendency, web developers have created numerous plugins, added many blocks, layouts, settings,... to satisfy the demands of developers and website owners. Using these plugins along with themes made for Gutenberg will definitely help users and developers create websites, landing pages, or any page as well as publish posts at ease.

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Create Gutenberg Blocks with MB Blocks