How to Test a Plugin's Performance and Security

How to Test a Plugin's Performance and Security

Plugins can bring many advantages to your WordPress website. However, you should consider carefully before using one because it may contain viruses and malicious codes. They also may affect your website loading speed / performance. To check if a plugin has any issue, especially for a newly launched plugin, you can use various useful tools and follow the steps below.

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Methods of removing unwanted meta boxes in your website.

How to Remove Unwanted Meta Boxes in WordPress

In the post editor or page editor, even admin dashboard, there are different meta boxes available. Perhaps, some of them are unused and you want to remove them to make your working screen clearer. It helps you to concentrate on the main contents better. Let’s learn how to remove unwanted meta boxes in WordPress.

You can use code or plugin as follows.

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How to create an auto-updated cheat sheet in wordpress

How to Create an Auto-Updated Cheat Sheet in WordPress

Have you ever had a regularly updated cheat sheet on a page or post, but you do not want to manually edit it anymore? I have edited my cheat sheets by hand for Black Friday event. I had to update deal lists several times per day, and that was a true nightmare.

Thus, I managed to find a more effective way to add an automatically updated cheat sheet. All I have to do is to create a submission form to input data, then the data will be automatically inserted into a table. This way can display data in a both stunning and convenient way. Let’s see how to do this!

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Top Plugins for Gutenberg in 2021 - the most comprehensive review

Top 7 Plugins for Gutenberg [2021]

As you may all know, Gutenberg is now not just a WordPress editor. Recently, WordPress has the ambition of making Gutenberg also a page builder, a useful tool to build up a WordPress website. Following this tendency, web developers have created numerous plugins, added many blocks, layouts, settings,... to satisfy the demands of developers and website owners. Using these plugins along with themes made for Gutenberg will definitely help users and developers create websites, landing pages, or any page as well as publish posts at ease.

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