Today I'm happy to announce that the auto updater for Meta Box Extensions now available. If you purchased any extension of Meta Box, you should download this extension immediately to receive updates for the extensions.

Over time, when new fixes or improvements are added to Meta Box extensions, the need of getting updates for them is rising. I was thinking about including auto update functionality in each separated extension, but I realised that it's not optimal as each extension would require a same code library (PHP class and code) which can reduce the performance of your website. Then I thought about a common updater which works as a gateway for all extensions and works similarly as system, so all extensions just need to do their job and leave the update work for the updater. That's how Meta Box Updater was born.

Meta Box Updater will provide the automatic update for all Meta Box extensions, hosted on You don't need to go to to download new versions, manually upload to your host. No, everything now is done automatically in the WordPress admin, very likely the plugins at

Grab the updater now and enjoy it!

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