The new year is coming very soon and we wish you health, success and fun! 2015 is a successful year for Meta Box when it reached 100.000 active installs (counted by, excluding users who are using Meta Box as a included module in themes.

We also released 10 extensions this year, including very popular extensions such as Meta Box Group or Meta Box Conditional Logic. Next year, we hope to release more than 10 extensions which cover many areas of usage for you.

The latest month of 2015 is the month of free extensions of Meta Box when they're all updated to new API.

Meta Box for Yoast SEO Now Supports Live Preview

As you know the new major version of Yoast SEO plugin changed the way it analyzes content from PHP to Javascript to provide live previewing the result without reloading the page. And that's an awesome feature. Unfortunately, that change broke the extension Meta Box for Yoast SEO.

But everything has just been fixed in the version 1.1.0 of Meta Box for Yoast SEO! Now you can enter content in custom field(s) and let Yoast SEO analyze them in real-time! Pretty awesome?

If you don't know what is Meta Box for Yoast SEO, read more about it here.

Get the extension FREE from

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Updates Now Available for Core Extension Bundles

The update system on has just been updated which can handle updates for all extension in a bundle. You don't need to manually go to your profile page and re-download each extension. All you need now is just install theMeta Box Updater extension. Easy!

Create Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies with FREE Extension

The latest version of MB Custom Post Type now integrates with MB Taxonomywhich allows you to create custom post types and custom taxonomies using only 1 plugin with nice and intuitive UI.

This plugin is released FREE on and now you can download it now.

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