Introducing Demo Suite

We often receive questions asking about the demo for Meta Box plugin and the extensions. People want to see how they work in reality. And because most of the extensions required custom coding, the task of creating a demo website is delayed until now. Today we’re happy to release the demo suite website, which includes the demos for almost all premium and free extensions.

Visit demo website:

Username: demo, password: demo

Meta Box Demo Suite
Meta Box Demo Suite

There are 15 demos available at the moment and will be more in the future. We hope you enjoy it. And if you find any problem, please let us know via the Contact page.

Meta Box AIO is available

At the moment, each extension of the plugin Meta Box is provided separately. They acts like a small module that provides only one functionality for one purpose. While this approach is good for continuous development, users might not want that. Some users who purchased the Developer Bundle have suggested a AIO package that includes all the extension in a plugin. This way, they only need to install 1 plugin instead of 15, keeping the Plugins page clean and still have all the functionality.

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MB Frontend Submission

Introducing MB Frontend Submission Extension

Embeding the meta boxes in the frontend is a frequent question from our users. And today, we’re happy to release a new extension to resolve this problem – MB Frontend Submission. This extension not only allows you to put meta box form in the frontend, but also handle the post submission as well. So you can use it as a true solution for user-submitted content.

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Collapsible groups with better UI and control

We’re happy to release the new version of the Meta Box Group that supports collapsing/expanding groups with a new UI. This version truly bring the power and usefulness of the groups to our users. With it, you can collapse a very long group, drag and drop it to reorder and save that collapsible state. So next time you edit that post, that group is collapsed automatically.

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