WordPress Beginner guide for Meta Box

Meta Box is one of the best WordPress plugins for adding custom fields and meta boxes. It launched in 2010, as the first custom fields plugin for developers. And until Dec. 2016, it has been downloaded 1,300,000+ times and had active installs 200,000+. Due to our survey, more than 90% users are developers who are satisfied with our functional plugins. But we still believe anyone can install Meta Box and benefit from it. So today we would like to show a general guide for WordPress beginners to enjoy Meta Box. And as for the developers, we hope you can get something useful here to minimize your work.

So let’s dig in…

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The Result of the Survey

2016 is a really big year for Meta Box WordPress. We have been familiar with more people, and people trusted our brand more. In 2017, we aim to provide you an easier functional plugin than ever to become your special chocolate cake and great swiss army knife (someone wrote them in the survey!). So we did a quick survey last few weeks. You cannot imagine how happy we are to receive so many suggestion and commendatory from all over the world! Now we would like to share the results with you, and maybe you can find your answers as well.

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Meta Box 2016 year in review

The New Year is here and we wish you health, success, and fun! 2016 is a great year for Meta Box when it reached 200.000 active installs (counted by WordPress.org), excluding users who are using Meta Box as a included module in themes. That is a double from the last year! And we want to say thank you to you all to support us and help us make the software a better tool for both developers and users.

2016 in numbers

In 2016, we had 14 releases this year with 2 minor versions: 4.8 and 4.9. All of them are big improvements for the plugin, some highlights include:

  • Rewrite the way the plugin loads file, which uses the autoloading feature which prevents loading files twice and saves memory.
  • Make the wysiwyg (editor) cloneable (repeatable).
  • All HTML5 input types (week, month, etc.) are supported.
  • Fully compatible with WPML (officially supported by WPML team).

There are also huge improvements for date/time picker, media (file, image) and object (user, taxonomy, post) fields that we want to bring more options to users while keeping the codebase similar (and small). You might want to see how good the codebase of Meta Box is.

This year, we also released 5 extensions and a Developer Bundle. We now support more meta types in WordPress for users and terms. We also support REST API in WordPress which we think will be a great thing for developers who use WordPress as an application.

Plan for 2017

In the next year, we have some ideas in our head and want to make them real. Most important things we think are:

  • Improve the codebase of Meta Box (as always), making it smaller, more structured and easier to understand (so developers can easily extend it).
  • Release at least 5 extensions, some of them will be for developers, and some for users. We also will try to use Meta Box to make useful plugins for end-users as well.
  • Write more tutorials to help users to leverage all the features of the plugin and improve the documentation to show them to the users. Some users don’t know features already exist in Meta Box! (Yes, we have a lot of powerful options).
  • Improve the UI of Meta Box, making it look more beautiful.
  • Improve the Builder extension that can work with all extensions.
  • Making the online generator that you can use to generate code for Meta Box faster!

We’re expanding our development team, and we hope that will bring more energy and speed up the development process.

And thank you again for being with us in this year. And Happy New Year!