Today, we have made a particular decision to change some terms & conditions in our Policy. Hope that all our friends will be clearer and feel the fair with this new one.

All users also have received our announcement about this via email. Whenever you want to read the Policy, you may check your email or visit our Terms & Conditions page.

The highlight points in this new version are:

Determine cleary time-limit when you upgrade your license based on remaining time-limit of the current license.

In the past, every upgrading from Core Bundle to Developer Bundle will bring you 1 year plus to your license’s time-limit. But now, it’s no longer to be like that and has been stipulated as below:

iii. Upgrading from Core Bundle to Developer Bundles

- If your license has ≥ 180 days remaining, it will be extended by 365 days from the date of upgrading.

- If your license has < 180 days remaining, it will be extended by 180 days from the date of upgrading.

iv. If you want to prolong the time-limit or upgrade after the expiring date, you must renew your license first.

Complying with these new terms, from now on all user cannot upgrade any Bundle when the license was expired.

Turn from the manual creating account on our system to automatic.

If you haven’t had any account on our website, whenever from now on you buy any product, our system will automatically create an account for you with your email which you used to make the purchase.

This account will bring you more convenience to update plugins automatically via an API key and an easier method to get support via our Support forum, also can manage all latest Meta Box plugins that you have in one place.

Obviously, if you don’t want to use the API key, you still use the old way that is manual by download via email.

7. Ways to get updates:

You will have an account with your email used to purchase extensions on our website right after you made payment. Then you’ll have an API key for auto-update in the WordPress dashboard with the help of Meta Box Updater extension. Meanwhile, you can manage all extension updates and licenses in your account also.

You also can manually download the latest version of extensions (with the download link in your email) and upload to your host.


9. Support is offered via Support forum. You need to log in your account (mentioned in term 7) to open new support tickets.

And, some little things have been stipulated in this new version but they do not affect your interests much. But you should go to have a look, here.

After all others, we have deep thanks to you for advocating Meta Box over time. This modification is a step to make our service better, hope you all happy with this and continue your advocating.

Love you all!

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