A few days ago, we launched a new design for metabox.io and introducing a Lifetime Bundle. The great thing about lifetime bundle is you buy once and have all extensions forever, including the updates and support. But you already bought a Core Bundle or Developer Bundle? Never mind, the upgrade is available for all users of Core Bundle and Developer Bundle. And you have to pay just the difference in value.

If you already bought Core Bundle, you're able to upgrade either to Developer Bundle or Lifetime Bundle. If you already bought Developer Bundle, you're able to upgrade to Lifetime Bundle.

To upgrade, just go to My Account page and you'll see a notice with a pay button. Simply clicking that button and you're done! Please remember that you don't need to pay for full price. You have to pay only the difference in value.

For example, if you have Developer Bundle ($199), upgrading to Lifetime Bundle takes only $300 ($499 - $199). So, if you haven't upgrade your bundle, it's time to do that. It's worth your money!

But if you can't upgrade now, it's totally fine. You can upgrade anytime you want.

If you find any issue upgrading, please let us know in the comments.

Updated 2020: Due to change in payment gateway, upgrades are NOT available at the moment. If you buy a bundle and then want to upgrade to a higher bundle, please let us know within 14 days. We can issue the refund for the previous buy.

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