Having a website for your business is one of the best marketing strategies you can apply. After all, in the World Wide Web, your opportunities are limitless. The world is at the tip of your fingers, and this is an audience that you shouldn't miss.

However, if you feel like your website currently isn't performing as well as it should, that could be a problem. Not only do you cease to be relevant and useful, but you're wasting resources as well. In this situation, you should consider re-evaluating your website design and making the necessary changes.

Here are some changes that can help your website function better in terms of conversions:

Be Subtle But Memorable

Gone are the days when websites were filled with generic, colorful, and glittery backgrounds. Internet users today now want websites with designs that are simple and fuss-free as they ride the wave of minimalism that has increasingly become more prevalent in a busy world. To make it even better, add personality to your site design while keeping things at a minimum. Be subtle while also being memorable so your visitors can easily remember and associate your website’s design with your company or brand. Think about giving Internet users a pleasant experience on your website. For instance, avoid harsh colors and utilize more white spaces. Keep your design simple by using only a maximum of three different font styles that complement each other.

Improve Your Website Design

Through this, you can increase the chances of your visitors staying on your website and not bouncing off to another one that's more simple to browse through. More importantly, it also increases your chances of invoking brand retention. This means that your visitors will easily be able to associate this website as uniquely yours. If you are having trouble with brand retention, you can always consider hiring a branding agency to do the heavy lifting and help you get back on track.

Provide Authentic Media Content

As much as possible, avoid using stock photos as a part of your content. This has been one of the most common mistakes committed in website design. In this day and age, people have put a prime on authenticity and often refuse to patronize a brand that doesn’t seem genuine. In light of this, incorporate your own photos in your web design. Take pictures of your team in action or use media content such as videos that will reflect the authenticity of your products and services.

You can also improve your strategy better by incorporating the individuals shown in your team. Especially when your team is made up of different cultures and races, include them in action. This shows not only diversity but authenticity as well. Internet users love to see that. That way, you're showcasing the image that you’re real, as well as competent in the job that you do. It also shows that you’re not exclusive only to locals.

Having the right photos to incorporate on your site is also about finding the right balance of content and design for the best SEO results.

Encourage Engagement

One of the most common mistakes done by website creators is that they don't put too much emphasis on the contact details. For some, the "Contact Us" section is usually only limited to an email address. This limits the level of conversation that you can have with your visitors.

Make yourself easily accessible to your target audience by having your contact details more visible. Include your telephone number or any business phone number. You should also put in easy links to all of your public social media accounts. When someone reaches out to you, make it a point to reply as well. Internet users want to know that you're a real person that they can reach out to, and not just a robotic website.

Improve Your Website Design For Better Conversions

Better yet, engage in conversations with your visitors and hear them out! Include pop-up chat boxes, live chat, Apple Business chat, ... where your website visitors can immediately drop in their queries, comments, and suggestions. The chattier you are, the more accessible you become, which can lead to successful conversions. People will appreciate you better when you have this level of customer service and fast response.

Let Other People Tell Your Story

In terms of web design, don’t forget to enable testimonials or comments and suggestions. These will tell the story of your website. If you're running a website to sell goods and services, allow a review and rating section. Having these on your site displays a level of transparency that Internet users often appreciate. It encourages trust and they will be more inclined to spend time on your website when they know from others that you live up to your word.

Testimonials and reviews are a powerful tools that can tell the story of how your products and services, as well as content, have changed the lives of many. It’s here that your site visitors will see that the benefits one can gain from visiting your website are real and not made up.

The best way you can do this is to incorporate this section as a part of your website design. If possible, put a preview of your testimonials section right on your homepage. This way, visitors can instantly see this page and read these testimonials and stories right away, which can work to your advantage when it comes to visitor retention and even customer conversion.


When you apply these tips, your website will become even more effective as more people will start coming in to visit. Conversion happens not only when your target market starts to view and visit your website. The most critical turning point is when your website visitors turn into paying clients. That's when you know that you've done the best that you can for the success of your website.

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