Lead generation isn't a brand new concept. It's been around for many years now and will continue to be relevant even in the coming years.

As its name suggests, lead generation refers to the act of finding and creating leads for a business. This means new clients, new referrals, and new customers or traffic coming on your website.

Top Lead Generation Strategies That Will Continue in 2020

Lead generation, in general, is a constant that's here to stay. However, what differs are only the strategies involved in lead generation. Here are some of these strategies:

Ace Your Content Marketing

Content marketing may seem like old news for you, but it's still very much relevant today. In 2020, its importance also stays the same. It's undisputed that it's through exciting content that you can drive more leads to come to your website. When your content is bland or irrelevant, you're going to lose your following. Potential clients will close your website in exchange for another.

Types of effective content include:

● Blogs
● Case studies
● Videos
● Infographics

Always ensure that you've got exciting content to share. You can try switching it up between words, images, and videos; don't just stick with one. When you have this variety, you keep Internet users excited. They'll look forward to reading more from you and visiting your website more often.

Content marketing, for as long as it's consistent, will always be one of the best and most relevant lead generation strategies.

Bonus tip: These tools will help your content marketing strategy more simply.

Map Each Of Your Customer's Progress

Every customer has their respective journeys. First, they may be irregular visitors on your site. Then, later on, they proceed with becoming regulars. After that, conversion happens whereby they turn to paying clients.

Mapping your customer's journey has positive effects for lead generation. It's through this mapping process that you're able to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of your customers. You'll find points that interested them the most. Hence, you'll know better where to focus on so you can continue to drive more customers in and convert them into paying clients.

Be Active On Social Media

Come 2020, social media will still be very relevant. Because of its popularity, it's no surprise that its population will continue to increase as well. This is, therefore, a market for you not to miss. You'll be losing so much when you're unable to reach out to this lucrative market.

Social media allows you to refine the lead generation process of your business. Plus, it enables a straightforward process, as well. For instance, on Facebook and Instagram, even a simple act of reposting and sharing your post is already an opportunity to generate leads. And, you're not even doing anything on your part, apart from being active on social media sites.

When you have an active presence on this global platform, you're effectively reaching out to a broad potential market of customers as well.

be active on social to generate more lead

Practice Lead Scoring

Not all leads are alike. Some are more valuable than others as there are also leads that stay as leads. They don't move forward to the point where they become paying customers. This is precisely why a business needs to practice lead scoring.

Lead scoring refers to the process of measuring the value of every lead. After every lead is measured, the measures are analyzed and made to know how to prioritize engagements with these contacts.

Through lead management, you're using your time and other resources more efficiently. More weight is placed on the more substantial and more valuable leads, rather than making the mistake of focusing on the leads that don't hold much of a value.

For more understanding of lead scoring, it can be to your advantage to get hold of an excellent SEO company, such as www.firstpage.hk.

Turn Negative Situations Into Positive Ones

As much as you want operations to go as smooth as possible, there are certain instances when there are bumps along the way. One example is when your website has to post certain items that are out of stock. Perhaps the demand was too high that the production team wasn't able to keep up with it.

In usual cases, this can drive costumers away. They might choose to favor another business that has more stock than you do. The good news, however, is that there's a very effective way for you to use this situation to generate more leads.

Right at the bottom of the out of stock announcement, you can post a form that allows them to sign up on the waiting list and be notified when the stock is back. That way, you're also enabling your business to have more subscribers. When you’re sure as to when stocks come back, you can even start posting a count down clock. This is going to create excitement among Internet users to the extent that they'll keep coming back to check your site.


Lead generation is significant because it keeps you on top of the competition. It's the only way for any business to thrive or, better yet, stand out. Here are the best plugins in WordPress for Lead Generation that may help you capture as much information as you can from your readers and create a ton of leads.

When new leads aren't coming on your website or your business, you cease to be successful. This means that there's lesser interest in your products and services. Each year, however, presents new challenges in lead generation and lead marketing. For 2020, these are strategies that are going to keep you relevant.

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