Meta Box 4.13.0 has just been released today. This is a version with some interesting features that we think you will love. Let's see them in details:

New Contexts

By default, WordPress has only 3 locations (contexts) for meta boxes: side, normal, advanced. Sometimes, you want to output fields in a different places such as after post title. This is now doable with new contexts added to meta box context setting:

  • form_top: at the top of the post form (before post title)
  • after_title: after post title
  • after_editor: after the post content editor
  • before_permalink: before permalink

You can see a demo of those contexts here:

Seamless Style

While working with the new contexts, we realize that the output of boxed style in those locations is not beautiful. That's why we introduce a new settings style for meta box, which accepts a value seamless. When seamless style is applied, there will be no outer boxes, and all fields are outputted directly to the location.

The screenshot above shows how the seamless style works.

More Field Types

In this version of Meta Box, we introduce 3 field types:

Single Image

single_image field is similar to image_advanced but limits the selection to only 1 image. You might find this field more convenient when using for a single image choice.

To understand how to use it, please see the documentation for this field.


The field background allows you to select background color, image, position, etc. All in one field. Previously, you have to use the Meta Box Group extension and add a list of all background attributes yourself. With this field type, your code will be much cleaner.

This is the screenshot of the background field:

To understand how to use it, please see the documentation for this field.


Some users have asked me do we have toggle/switch field type? From the point of developers, the checkbox field is enough. But users don't think so. They prefer nicer UI. So we created the switch field type which looks beautiful:

To understand how to use it, please see the documentation for this field.

Button Group

Similar to the questions of switch field type, we also receive questions about the list of choices in a beautiful format, such as toolbar. So we created the new field type button_group. Basically, it's similar to radio and checkbox_list types, but allows you to output anything for the button labels.

See how it works below:

To understand how to use it, please see the documentation for this field.

We hope this update will make you happy. If you have any suggestion for the plugin, please let us know in the comment.

1 thought on “Meta Box 4.13.0 - New Contexts, Seamless Style and More Field Types

  1. Hello, Guys! I would like to suggest one new context (don't know if it is possible) — AFTER SAVE/PUBLISH BOX, or, even, BEFORE POST THUMBNAIL BOX. The sidebar is tricky when using the regular context/priority... Or the Metabox goes to the very top, or to the very bottom. Thanks! G.

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