Several months ago, someone asked us about the integrator for Elementor page builder when we had released the one for Beaver Themer. It was on our plan and took a while for launching. And now the extension for integration between Meta Box and Elementor is available.

Connect Meta Box custom fields with dynamic data

Get the extension

This extension is free of charge and released officially on and Github.

Why Elementor?

Please pay attention that it works with Elementor Pro only.

Elementor Pro has a fantastic feature called dynamic tag (dynamic content) that is not available on the Free version. It allows users to get data from fields in the back end such as site title or post title. The data become changeable on the back end instead of fixed in the elements of the page builder on the front end as usual. It's similar to Field Connection in Beaver Themer.

Do you see something looks familiar to Meta Box? Yes, that is fields in the back end.

What does the Meta Box - Elementor Integrator do?

Until now, you can get ~20 data from fields in the back end with Elementor Pro. It's impossible to pull out complicated custom fields, especially ones made by Meta Box.

With this extension, getting data from every custom fields does not matter anymore. Meta Box creates custom fields which allow users to enter and adjust their content, then Elementor Pro get them automatically and display them to the front end.

Get Meta Box custom fields
Get Meta Box custom fields

Watch this video for more information and tutorial of using this extension:

Meta Box & Elementor Walkthrough | Meta Box Tutorials

This integrator is free, but you might buy the Elementor Pro before use. That's the key.

Hope you all can get the best out of both Meta Box and Elementor and the most powerful tools to have template/website faster and easier.

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We are willing to hear any suggestion for improvement you might have.

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