We've just been back from the company retreat, and today, we have made some updates for several extensions. See below for details.

Company Retreat

Last week, our company had a holiday in Nha Trang, one of the most 30 beautiful bays in the world. The 5-days holiday brought us closer like a family. We talked, joined the activities and ate together. There was so much fun and the weather was amazing!

FYI: we're actually a company. We build WordPress plugins (Meta Box and Slim SEO) and themes. We also do some projects for customers (both international and domestic). The company is small with 12 people working in-house and remotely. Most are Vietnamese, but there are also guys from other countries!

After the company retreat, we've completed some updates for extensions this morning.


This extension gets an update after quite a long time. This update makes it works in the frontend and works with cloneable groups.

There is also an optimization to make it works faster. And finally, you don't have to add Google API key via filter anymore. You can now add it directly in the code, just like this:

'geo' => array( 'api_key' => 'YOUR API KEY' )

This makes adding API key easier because not everyone wants to play with code, especially if you're using Meta Box Builder.

FYI: Google will disable keyless API calls by June 11, 2018, and requires users to enter billing info (credit card info) to continue using the service. You won't be charged if your usage is small (under 2500 requests per day and 50 requests per second). See here for more info.

Meta Box Builder

This update makes the extension used the shared admin menu by Meta Box plugin (that we announced in the previous post). Now the old Meta Boxes menu has been merged into Meta Box menu and has the label Custom Fields:

Custom Fields menu
Custom Fields menu

Another change is the label is changed from "Meta Box" to "Field Group". We think "field group" is more convenient for "custom fields", although "meta box" is the correct/official term (that's why we take the name "Meta Box" for the core plugin, by the way).

There are also some small bug fixes in this update:

  • Fixed for time picker field. Thank Dave Navarrojr for reporting.
  • Fixed for setting value 0 or 1 for select field. Thank brkard for reporting.

We also improved the check for premium extensions. So the notification (like requires MB Custom Table) doesn't appear if the extension is active.

Meta Box Update and Meta Box AIO

These plugins now use the same shared menu ad Meta Box Builder. See the screenshot above. Now all the extensions share the same top-level menu. And if no premium extensions are active, the top-level menu will disappear, making Meta Box truly a custom fields framework that runs in the background.

If you are using these plugins, please update. And if you find anything buggy or need to be improved, please let us know in the comments.

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