Today we're very happy to release the version 1.1 of the Meta Box Group extension. This is a minor update with support for multi-level nested groups. The feature is requested by many users for a long time. It's a technical challenge and we're so glad that we can come over it today.

Here is the screenshot of how it looks:

Multi-level nested groups
Multi-level nested groups

This feature allows you to add as many nested groups as you want. You can make groups and fields cloneable without any problem. We've tested with all basic fields and see it works nicely.

However, with complicated fields (media fields and WYSIWYG), the JavaScript is still buggy. Most related to the fields' ID and how dynamic inputs are generated. We'll keep working on it to make sure it works smoothly.

This is the first minor update of the extension and it might have some unexpected bugs. Please let us know if you find any. Thanks.

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