2 days ago, we released the 4.8.0 version of the Meta Box plugin. This version has a big change in the codebase, especially in the helper function which causes some incompatible bugs for some users. If you have problems using the 4.8.0 version, please follow the following steps to fix it:

  1. Update Meta Box to the latest version. At this moment, it's 4.8.1.
  2. If you're using Meta Box Group extension, please update it to the latest version. At this moment, it's 1.0.5 which has a fix for compatibility with the Meta Box plugin.
  3. If you use old syntax to register meta boxes (via admin_init hook), please update the syntax as described in this documentation. The old syntax breaks the rwmb_meta function to work properly in the frontend. For more details, please see the Historical Note section.

These steps will fix 3 major problems that most users faced:

  • All fields are empty in the edit screen in the admin area
  • Nothing is shown in the frontend using the rwmb_meta helper function
  • Undefined class for the group field

We're very sorry for the bugs and hope these steps will fix it for you. If you still see any problem, please open a new issue on Github.

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