For years, the Meta Box plugin is known as a tool to creates only custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. But that is not the limit of the plugin. With the power of extensions, the Meta Box plugin can do many things that we can imagine. The Custom Post Type extension is born to fill in the gap with the ability to create custom post types in WordPress with easy-to-use interface, which helps you to make your website a professional CMS.

Custom Post Type
MB Custom Post Type on

While there are some plugins which do the same task like Custom Post Type UI, but I don't feel comfortable with the interface of that plugin. I think users need a cleaner and simpler interface to do the job.

The Custom Post Type extension tries to solve that problem by using React JS to add live editing mode to the post type configuration screen. This mode auto generates necessary labels for your post types, so you don't need to manually enter one by one.

Besides, using the API provided by the Meta Box plugin, all settings for custom post types are organized in meta boxes, which can be toggled, collapsed to have a better look.

When building this extension, we hope to give users a truly completed solution to manage WordPress websites without coding! (Meta Box Builder is another part). We are moving forward and there will be more exciting extensions coming out soon!

Get the Custom Post Type extension now.

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