Whoever you are, a WordPress user or plugin developer, adding custom columns to the admin screens for All posts or custom post types is one of the common tasks. This gives you an overview of your content to understand and manage better. However, WordPress by default shows only the post title and date which is very limited.

As a Meta Box user, now you can solve this problem with MB Admin Columns extension. This extension helps you to show any custom field in custom columns of the All posts screen without coding skill required. The only thing you have to do is adding just a single line to the field's parameter and everything is done automatically for you. If you know how to use Meta Box, then you already know how to use this extension.

Sample admin columns for Books
Sample admin columns for Books

Why should you use MB Admin Columns now?

Save time and effort

If you're a WordPress developer, you know that adding custom columns to the All Posts screen requires a lot of technical knowledge. If you want to add custom columns to several post types screens, then you have to repeat the code accordingly. This problem leads to redundant code, difficulty in maintaining and takes a lot of time and effort not only for beginners but also advanced developers.

Using MB Admin Columns simplifies all the process and saves you hours of coding.

Highly configurable

The extension allows you to do many things with custom columns that can cover almost everything you need:

  • Supports custom position for columns, supports before/after/replacing existing column
  • Supports custom title for columns
  • Supports all standard types of custom fields to be shown in the admin columns
  • Supports showing custom HTML before and after column content
  • Supports columns sorting

So, if you have a custom post type with lots of content stored in custom fields, you can use this extension to show them in the management page the way you want: specify the order of those columns, customize the output of each column, make them sortable, etc. You will have a very beautiful crafted admin screen that shows you the exact info you need.

Check out the extension here and let us know what you think in the comments.

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