As planed for 2017, we have been working on improvements both the UI and the code base of the Meta Box plugin since the beginning of this year. And yesterday we were very happy to release a new minor version 4.11. And after just one day, Meta Box has been downloaded more than 14000 times! Yes, we made a new record.

The version 4.11 changes the plugin architecture a little to make it easier to extend in the future. We have plans to release more extensions this year and we need a way to do that without breaking the code. FYI, we will be releasing a new extension for frontend submission very soon. We also tried hard to keep the backward compatibility, both for the older versions of the plugin and extensions.

The UI of the fields have a new update. The most noticeable thing is the field label is now bold instead of having regular weight. The space between fields is also increased. You can see the change in the screenshot below:

Standard Input Fields

For other fields, please see the updated screenshots at the homepage.

As also added some parameters for fields, such as:

  • add_button to specify the text for the add clone button
  • region for map field to make sure the address is searched in a predefined territory (usually a country)
  • image_size for image_advanced field to specify the image size shown in the admin (default is thumbnail).

For the full list of changes, please read the changelog.

If you’re using an older version of the plugin, please update. And if you find any problems using the plugin, please let us know on Github.

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