New version of Meta Box has been released today! This version has come fixes for make the core of the plugin works better with premium extensions. It also has some improvements to work better with WordPress. Please see the list below.


  • Better support for clone: we received some support tickets saying that the cloning and sorting features didn't work well together, especially for Meta Box Group extension. In this version, the Javascript code that handles cloning and sorting fields was refactored and improved a lot. We can expect it works well in a long time!
  • Add WordPress's style to date picker: We use a new date picker skin for jQuery UI datepicker which now looks perfectly in WordPress admin. We also fixed some bugs related to time format in datetime field.
  • Change saving hooks to specific post types to prevent saving images to wrong post: This problem was reported in Github. The post saving process in WordPress is really complicated (it has to handle revisions, attachments, etc. and each of them can fire the save_post action also).
  • Optionally display ID attribute for heading and divider: This is sometimes needed for the Conditional Logic extension to work.


  • Always set std as value for hidden field
  • rwmb_meta now can display rich content from oembed field
  • Wrong format for datetime field

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