Does it seem like we have not updated anything since last month? No, it's not like that. We did it every day and are trying to do it regularly. Actually, we took 7 improvements for 5 extensions in the last 2 weeks. Impressive?

All the updates were announced on Meta Box's Facebook fanpageuser's group, and Twitter. We changed the game by informing all the updates via these 3 channels and just make this post for the recap. So, you should join the team for more quick updates.

Let's check out what we did in the last 2 weeks.

More support to Gutenberg

We have improved Meta Box Conditional Logic and Meta Box Show Hide to make them supporting Gutenberg completely. This improvement was available from Mar 1 for Meta Box Show Hide, and Mar 3 for Meta Box Conditional Logic.

You can use any one of these extensions to toggle every element by post format, page template, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies. They work well with both classic editor and Gutenberg.

By the way, the code of Meta Box Conditional Logic also is slightly better because we switched to use Gutenberg API.

More support to Post Type Templates

Post type templates were added to WordPress 4.7, which allows you to set custom templates for posts or custom post types. Previously, it works only for pages.

Since Feb 28, you have been able to toggle a meta box based on the template of any post type with Meta Box Show Hide and Meta Box Builder.

Support for querying objects by multiple relationships

We updated our MB Relationships on Feb 25. And so, you’ll be able to get related items by multiple relationships. For example, if you have event-to-band and event-to-artist relationships, you definitely can get all bands and artists that connected from an event.

Meta Box - wordpress custom fields - MB relationships supports querying objects by multiple relationships

For Elementor Community

We always spend a special concern to Elementor Community. As a result, we made 2 updates for the Meta Box - Elementor Integrator for the last 2 weeks.

Elementor users now can create custom fields for the category page or set up global settings for the website and use Elementor Pro to show them on the front end.

We also rewrite the plugin to give it able of viewing/selecting the fields for the post, archive, and site better & quicker. Fields are categorized by post types (for posts), taxonomies (for archive pages), and by settings page (for sites).

Meta Box - Elementor intergrator - viewand select the custom fields for post, archive, and site better & quicker

Hope you enjoy all the above improvements and don't forget to download the latest version of them!

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