Happy New Year from Meta Box team!

Another year has passed and we are so grateful and excited to confidently tell you that we have been growing a lot since 2017. Hope you all had a remarkable year of 2018 as well and now join us to take a look at what we have achieved so far.

A wrap up of 2018

Impressive numbers:

We are super happy that the number of subscribers for Meta Box newsletter in 2018 is doubled that in 2017 and it is gonna rise up with 0.65% per day.

Meta Box team have worked really hard this year, as a result, Meta Box website had more than 38% traffic compared to the last year 2017 and our revenue is also risen 150% compared to the figure in 2017.

We kept trying our best to bring you more and more updates. 26 is the number of releases we had in 2018.

2018 Infographic
A wrap up of Meta Box 2018

New extensions:

We had 4 new extensions:

These extensions provide:

New features:

  • Added support for Gutenberg. See our blog posts (part 1, part 2, part 3)
  • Created a shared admin menu for all extensions.
  • Added OpenStreetMap field.
  • A lot of improvements for performance, including PHP (queries) and JavaScript (clone, conditional logic, group).
  • Improve the UI and add more options, field types for Meta Box Builder
  • Better support for custom table extension (revision, admin columns search and sort)
  • Added support for Composer.

Other highlights:

  • To provide video tutorials for new users, we have our own Youtube channel.
  • Our Facebook community group was created to let Meta Box users share and help each other.
  • More tutorials on our blog regarding custom fields and tutorials for developers.

Additionally, we received a lot of valuable feedback from our beloved users, who play a vital part in making our products more complete. We are thankful to have you guys as Meta Box users.

In spite of all achievements in 2018, We have been preparing to make Meta Box grow stronger next year.

Plan for 2019

Custom blocks for Gutenberg

We did a good job of supporting Gutenberg in 2018 so that our plugins are working pretty well with the new block editor. In the next year, we’re going to make Meta Box be able to create custom blocks for Gutenberg. So developers can create and configure blogs without having troubles with JavaScript (React, building, etc.)

Remove support for old PHP versions

You might aware of that WordPress is suggesting removing support for PHP < 5.6 in April and PHP < 7 by the end of 2019. So you should upgrade them if you are using an older version. With new PHP versions, we can improve our codebase, make it clearer to read and easier to add more modules. We also follow WordPress and plan to remove our support for old versions but later. We’ll slowly remove support for PHP 5.2 early 2019.

Better integration

We have done great integration with page builders in 2018 (Beaver Builder and Elementor). There are some things we still need to work on to make products work seamlessly together.

There are some other plugins such as SearchWP or WP All Import will be considered to integrate with Meta Box. If you have any idea in any plugins integration, let us know by submitting the survey below.


We couldn’t do or plan all of those things without the big support from all of Meta Box fellows. Every feedback and idea from you are highly appreciated and valued by us. We cannot thank you enough! 2019 will be the year with a lot of changes for us, that’s why we always need your help to make us develop more. Write us anything you have in mind that you think we lack or need to improve in the survey we’re enclosing here at https://bit.ly/Meta-Box-survey

Just wish you all well and full of success and fun in the next year and don’t forget to follow our development!

Happy New Year 2019!

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