Have you ever used MB Settings Page extension? If you haven't, the following reason will tell you why you should use it now!

The latest version of the extension has an interesting feature that allows you to create a settings page with the same style as normal WordPress settings page with tabs and sections.

Previously, you can create only meta box style for the settings page, but now you can switch to no-boxes style and optionally add tabs to organize the fields better.

Briefly, you can do this:

Settings Page - Tab Style
Settings Page - Tab Style

This improvement makes your settings page consistent with whole WordPress admin area while still providing you all the benefits of Meta Box plugin: fields, customization, options, etc. You still have them all.

Another good thing is you don't need to change the code much. Just add some parameters and everything is done behind the scene for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get the extension now!

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